Web Able

Our competencies have progressed as the web has evolved and we are among those riding the crest of the wave and implementing the latest web technologies for our clients. Developing on open source technologies and HTML5 /CSS3 blended with PHP is our forte.

However, the team is well versed with a myriad of technologies for web development, content aggregation and management, and business process management. With the business and marketing strategies shifting toward a combination of mobile, social, and web, we enable the web integration with social network channels while and leveraging mobility.

Building Usable and Useful Products

Our design and development team has experience in developing web applications from concept to delivery. By clearly defining business requirements, we bring our clients' ideas to life. Our team’s expertise ensures alignment of the web solution with our clients' business objectives every step of the way.

We employ Agile development methods, helping us more quickly provide business value, with less waste, higher quality, and lower cost. While others waited for Agile practices to be proven in the realm of software development, we adopted them and quickly learned the best way to deliver value to a client was to 'go Agile' while keeping focus on the their business goals.

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