Define & Design

  • Define Product/ Service positioning on social media.
  • Identify user engagement opportunities and methods build virality into the solution
  • Analyze & define requirements
  • Plan project activities
  • Design the UI/UX and application architecture

Social media offers a wide variety of options for getting the product to the users. Application design is done with the goal of maximizing user engagement and social interactions in order to achieve the desired goals. Design also involves the study of features and improvements on the platform for integration into the application architecture design.

Develop and Deploy

  • Develop App in Sandbox environment
  • Implement App Analytics
  • Test the Application
  • Beta release for limited audience
  • Public release

We keep pace with the rapid feature release cycles of social media platforms and ensure our development uses the latest offerings. Using an Agile scrum format with repeated verifications from the stakeholders helps ensure the veracity of the requirements. We use a sandbox environment to develop the application. Analytics are used to refine, modify processes or reassess consumer and market positioning. Once the developed, we test the application and engage in a beta release with a limited audience. After making any updates based on feedback from Beta users, we finalize and issue a public release.

Measure & Improvise

We constantly measure the app’s social performance and user engagement to identify any changes in the business or social environment. As required updates are detected, we prioritize the changes and plan for improvements and upgrades. Changes are then implemented and the updated application is released.

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