It's Your Idea and it will be Your App

Have a business, a service, or a product, that needs to be enabled on mobile devices?

Have a killer-app concept you want to bring to reality?

Those are the only questions our clients need to answer when engaging with us to deliver their mobility vision. With the multiplicity of devices and varying platforms, we remain feature focused to enable consistent development and delivery across multiple platform requirements. We bring in the best resources to realize your vision. We have proven ourselves useful in making device independent apps for our customers and their users. When we say that we build apps for people, not devices, we mean it.


Our design approach starts with pencil sketches. No modeling tool has matched the quick turnaround and productivity of this method. A quick sketch by our designers ensures that we aligned with our clients' vision. The digital designs are then rendered from the initial sketches and feature inputs. After identifying harmony between the features and usability, a storyboard documenting all navigational and interactive aspects of the application is created; The storyboard is then used to develop pixel-perfect digital mock-ups This design methodology enables us the flexibility to quickly give clients a map of the application and modify as needed before the design blueprint is approved and submitted for coding.


A mobile application is no longer a standalone application or a onetime release. We architect scalable, compatible, and cost-effective applications that align with our client's business needs. . Our skilled designers develop applications that seamlessly integrate with a wide range of backend technologies.


Once the design and architecture are proposed, your development team turns the major objectives of the application into enabling features. These enabling features and the proposed architecture help identify the development approach. We also define technical requirements such as web services, content management system, application programming interfaces, and communication protocols required for the application. We gather a cross functional team of app builders and plan a prioritized set of features for the latest iteration. Every iteration aims to finish up with a shippable software asset. These assets will then be incrementally approved and integrated, resulting in the final product.


We believe in test driven development. When our development team starts working on enabling features, our testing team starts to develop our test scenarios. The scenario flows are further detailed into test cases. When a developer refers to a feature requirement, the test scenarios need to be passed before functionality is ported onto a test bed. In order to ensure no surprises at the end of final delivery, our clients actually see the application growing bit-by-bit, as an installable or executable code for their devices. This method has proven to be the best risk mitigation methodology.


We follow the principle of releasing early and often. The disparity of staging and production environments is often a major pain point in the release of software to production environments. By making incremental releases to the target environment, we reduce the possible risks of having any last minute glitches. This practice has also significantly increased the maturity of our release management team on a variety of web hosting platforms.

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